What is the TimeWarp Project?


Once upon a time there were Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, who created two epic games of the Star Control saga: the first one, and the second one, which became the greatest game in the quadrant. They were working for a little company called Accolade. Then their games succeeded and Accolade became a big company. That is, a BIG company. (please excuse us for any "minor" historical errors in this document)

They lived happily ever after, until Accolade were tricked by the Umgah to dump Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, and make their own third sequel to the series which had absolutely nothing to do with the previous ones, and shamed the honorable title of Star Control, which had resonated deeply into the hearts of each and every one of us. The Umgah told Accolade this would make it a better game. It is uncertain how they managed to make them buy that crap, but it is believed the Dnyarri had something to do with it. Anyway...

We, the loyal followers and believers in the path set by the ancient ones, have vowed to restore the true name of Star Control, and cleanse the shame caused by Accolade's sequel. However, we do not seek to harm our beloved brothers in Accolade or to dishonor them by doing this. Therefore, we shall make this sequel available to all who wish to download it and have the bandwidth.

We hope we will achieve these goals, and create a sequel that will match, and IF possible, accede the level of sarcastic humor, witty dialog, and overall challenge of Star Control II.


The ships are what makes Timewarp so great.

If you always dreamed of seeing your own ship in action, and know a little about C++, then you could consider spending some time in the Timewarp project, and just write the ship !!

To get started, there is a tutorial available.


Only beta release exist now. First, it means that if you play the game you're an beta tester. Be proud. Second, it means that the game is likely to crash with great frequency. Upon finding a problem, we'd like you to report it, but before you do, please do the following:




Single player melee between two fleets.

Player and enemy fleets are defined in the ini file. Set -1 there to choose a random fleet from the available possibilities. If you define a new fleet, don't forget to set the values of Nships and Nalliances.

You can toggle certain options. Currently the keys are hard-coded to:

C,Vchoose next ship in your fleet
Afleet display
Sshow stats while S is pressed
Fship panel
Rradar mode
R+left shiftrelocate radar (left/mid/right) on the screen

Use the target keys to select prev/ next/ closest target.

Stats about victims are only kept to a maximum of 32 kills per ship, and for a maximum of 128 different ships.


Presently Vanguard (VG) is just a "Hunt down the enemy team" kinda game. Far more is planned but no coders are enlisted to the project at this moment.. (For more information on the intended scope of VG contact "Morthotos@dd-tech.org")

How to play VG thus far.. Well to aid you in your hunt you get 2 nice little toys...

-A Primative Hyper Space drive: (Press * when your batt is full and then start driving). It will increase your speed by about 75 velocity units. (at least I think so, also I think it boosts your accel rate)

-You also get an ultra accurate real-time Radar, enabling you to see EVERYTHING from a moons around an orbiting planet, to the shots your opponent fired at you.


Tabtoggle focus map center / focus player (default is map center for some reason)
Page up and down (not on the keypad) zoom you in and out.

That's it.. The key bindings can be found in Vanguard.ini


Melee in solar system

A normal melee fight inside a complete solar system with sun, planets and moons!

to play it just enter the extended menu and choose "Melee in solar system (INI)" the (INI) for those who wonder symbolize that the game come with an .ini file for you to change! Through the ini you can change the number of planets, their radius and more, explanations are added to the ini file.


Solar system melee was coded by Corona688 and UAF, all right reserved to Crimson cooperation(TM).

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