Star Control TimeWarp is an open source clone/sequel to the epic cross-genre game Star Control II. Currently it includes only a combat portion, although there are some plans to expand it to include an epic adventure. The plot of such an adventure would not have anything to do with the name "TimeWarp". Star Control: Timewarp is often affectionately called TW.

TimeWarp is written in portable C++ and is known to compile and run on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows (with the exception that it is still not 64-bit clean as nobody of us has access to such hardware)

More detailed information about the game: english readme,

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The latest version is 0.06u0.
You can download it as a precompiled binary (win32) or sources.
Also you can use TW-Light

To successfully compile the sources and play the game on Linux/Unix you first need Allegro, Lua, FreeType, MASkinG and jgmod libraries.


Monday April 17 2006

Toys For Bob may make another Star Control
Happy days and Jubilation! Our blessed masters (of the Toys For Bob variety) are considering Star Control for one of their upcoming projects. One of their producers, Alex, is rallying support to convince the company to choose Star Control. We're asking all fans of Star Control, of cross-genre, insanely great games, of all that is good and nerdy, to Sign the Petition on the Ur-Quan Masters webpage to convince Toys For Bob to help bring back this fantastic franchise.

Star Control 1 and 2 were created by Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford. Their creative vision shaped the games into something wonderful, perhaps changing the face of gaming in the process. They are the exclusive owners of the franchise, and therefore uniquely positioned to do something neat with it. "Toys For Bob" is the company they have formed; it was also their collective nickname. Previously Toys for Bob have made many commercially successful console and PC games. -- yB!

Wednesday 02 November 2005

More issues with the forum
So there is another issue with the forum software. This time, the maximum number of database connections has been made, presumably, because every other admin on sourceforge didn't read the emails and messages about the mandatory switch to MySql 4, and are trying to fix their software today. Sorry, but this is beyond our control to fix. Effectively we should wait a day or two for the load to clear up. I don't think there are any functional problems in terms of accessing the database. -- yB!

Sunday 30 October 2005

What to do if you can't access the forum
Delete your browser cookie for the forum, that should fix the problem. The site to remove it from is timewarp.sourceforge.net/forum . You can also just kill all your cookies from your browser. We appologive for any inconvenience.
The forum has been upgraded to the latest version of phpBB. Unfortunately, they've changed the way they track sessions, and your browser session used to be contained in the cookie... or something like that.

Tuesday 21 July 2005

The database used by the forum is periodically experiencing high CPU loads. If you can't connect to the forums, wait a few minutes, then try again. If the problem persists, we'll escalate the issue to SF staff.

Tuesday 21 June 2005

There is a database connection issue with the forum. Sourceforge staff is working on the problem. Apparently, the MySQL database servers are heavily overloaded, and they are upgrading the servers. Check up on the status of this transition if you're interested. Thanks for your patience.

Sat 28 Feb 2004

Site is created.


TimeWarp is developed by a group of Star Control fans. Though the game is quite playable now, it is far from being complete. The development of this game is still going on. Please note, that this is a real project, not just a collection of plans, ideas and dreams like in some other places in the net. Things may seem to change slow, but there is real progress and every new version is (we hope ;-) better than previous one. Anyway it is better to have a working game than lots of ideas, but no code at all. All the work is done in our spare time, so don't expect that your nice suggestion will be implemented in a short time. If you are badly missing some feature and think that you can make it youself, your patch will be welcome (if it does not break all the rest ;-)

You can support the project by participating discussion in TimeWarp forum, where you can post suggestions for future development or just any questions about TimeWarp.

You can support the project by posting bugreports and patches in TimeWarp Bugzilla

Following documents describes some of the issues concerning contributing to Timewarp

TimeWarp CVS repository ('cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/timewarp co all').

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